Privacy Policy & Terms

Introducing Weblink Tree, your premier online destination for enhancing your website’s visibility through instant Do-Follow backlinks. These valuable backlinks not only contribute to the well-being of your website but also play a pivotal role in boosting your business. To unlock the full range of features, kindly adhere to the uncomplicated guidelines provided below. Please be aware that websites listed under the free category might undergo removal without prior notification, typically within 1 to 2 weeks. Your journey towards optimized online presence starts with Weblink Tree.

Our Guidence:

  1. No Inappropriate Content: We don’t allow adult or illegal content. This includes anything adult-related and sites involving copyright violations, violence, or fraud. Violations lead to instant removal and potential IP blocking.
  2. No Illegal Stuff: Sites promoting child pornography, racism, profanity, or unauthorized products like Viagra aren’t allowed.
  3. Keep Sites Working: Only working websites are accepted. If your site is down for over two months, we’ll remove the link.
  4. Real Email Needed: We respect your privacy but need a genuine email to communicate important notices about your listing.
  5. Good Descriptions: Provide a quality 10 to 100-word description for your business. It’s used for search engine optimization.
  6. Free vs. Premium: Free listings have no links. Premium can have up to two links in the content.
  7. Payments and Refunds: No refunds. Need help? Contact us on WhatsApp, email, or our contact form.
  8. Ontime Payment: Pay on time, and your listing stays active as long as WeblinkTree exists. No need for renewals.

Please be aware that WeblinkTree retains the right to edit or remove your website listing description if it does not align with our terms and policies. We also hold the right to adjust website listing charges, either upward or downward, as needed.

By submitting your website to WeblinkTree, you indicate your acknowledgment and acceptance of all our terms and policies.

Follow our provided guidelines, and observe your website’s visibility and rankings surge. If you require assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us through WhatsApp, email, or the contact form. We are committed to helping you optimize your online presence.

Kindly bear in mind that by using WeblinkTree, you are in agreement to adhere to all our terms and policies.